Eye-popping graphics in an uncommon home

1400 East 57th Street, Chicago, Illinois. A.D. Lindsey Philips, interior design by Emily Hoogesteger, Silliman Group. Art fabrication by BluEdge.  ︎ Photography by Tyler Mallory.

Designed by Keck + Keck Architects, 1400 East 57th Street in Hyde Park is a surprising collage of two disparate styles: mid-century modern and italianate.

Adapting 1400’s idiosyncrasies, the graphic strategy crosses 1960s fashion photography, Pop Art, and Optical Art. The signage and art overtly express its eccentric personality, making it an impossible-to-miss home.

The lenticular panel on the exterior is a public-facing work. It becomes a backdrop for residential activity, not just delineating the patio, but fostering 1400’s connection with the neighborhood.

On the interior, bold wallpapers add urbanity, movement, and depth to the lobby, lower level amenities, and corridors. Unit numbers are integrated into the corridors’ lighting; their typeface Bron, by Jeremia Adatte, plays on impossible geometry.