Love notes to a community

Mac Properties HQ, Kansas City, Missouri. A.D. Lindsey Philips, Silliman Group. Interior design + build by Hufft. Fabrication of THINK and logo art by BluEdge and wall-to-wall graphic prints by Zintra. Photography courtesy of Hufft and Mac Properties.

Mac Properties made a new home in International, the IBM-headquarters-turned-apartment-complex in Kansas City. Complementing interior design by Hufft and Silliman Group, the graphic art imbues the office and amenity spaces with vibrant personality.

Colorful treatments of vintage Kansas City postcards throughout the offices echo Mac Properties’ commitment to Armour Boulevard and renovation of local properties, including International.

Dividing the open offices from a residential lounge is an image of the IBM slogan as it once appeared in the company founder’s office. Printed on vinyl in black with a white gradient, it is rendered as ASCII art, a computer art technique dating back to the 1960s.

Graphics for cozy meeting rooms were designed as wall-to-wall panels. They bring immersive color and depth into the smaller spaces, without overwhelming. 

Initial explorations looked at a variety of postcards, color palettes, and styles.

The closed offices feature vinyl prints that playfully integrate the Mac Properties logo with a postcard image of Armour Boulevard.