An architectural identity with historical roots

The Colonnades, Kansas City, Missouri. A.D. Lindsey Philips, Sr.G.D. Chris Mitchell, Silliman Group.

A row of four apartment houses  built in 1901, the Colonnades take their name from their distinctive columns. Their italianate architecture was typical of apartment dwellings in Kansas City at the time. Their open porches invited a sense of community and marked the city’s early cultural development.

The wordmark and apartment numbers customize Altissima by AlfaType. Based on early 20th century posters and originally designed for Italy’s foremost art fair, it nods to the Colonnades’ period and influences.

Iterations explored different approaches to the architectural potential of the mark. The final mark is understated, relying on the strong vertical lines of the ‘nn’ to suggest a colonnade within the word.

The apartment numbers were inspired by ceramic tiles and Italy’s street signs. The raised polymer letters are painted to complement the facade of each building.