A city in action, a visual context for Art AIDS America

Alphawood Gallery, Chicago, Illinois. Designed from archival materials researched collaboratively with John Neff. Archival images courtesy of Mary Patten and the Gerber/Hart Library. Mural photography by Joe Madura.

First staged in Tacoma and last in Chicago Art AIDS America is a traveling exhibition of art and ephemera from the 1980s to the present, conveying the multifaceted impact of HIV/AIDS.

The photomural in the vestibule provides a social context for the show, depicting AIDS activism in the 1980s and 90s. Landmarks and other details locate the demonstrations in Chicago, rooting Art AIDS America in the city’s own history.

The plus motif and color scheme support the exhibition’s established identity. With a photo of a march as the backdrop, the mural bridges the gallery and the public street, speaking to the breadth and inclusivity of the response to the AIDS crisis.