Driven by narrative concepts and design that sets the stage for meaningful experiences

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Chicago, Illinois
I’ve worked with a wide range of people in the arts, built environments, education, fashion, and publishing. Together, we collaborate to tell clear and compelling stories through art and design—whether that means a stylish visual identity, a striking graphic for a page or a wall, a cover-to-cover publication, or a little help with Squarespace. 

I’m also interested in the ways comics uses design to gesture toward inexpressible aspects of personal experiences and private realms. My self-published comics, artist’s books, and prints embody small signs and sparse language for poetic narratives. My work has been in comics expos internationally and is collected in the Library of Congress, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and the Joan Flasch Artist’s Book Collection.

I love talking with people about comics and offer a workshop in which we investigate design in the context of the medium.

I teach courses in graphic design and storytelling at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I received my MFA in 2016.