Designing visual identities for women-led studios and practices

Various clients
Logo design, brand style guide, and website design


Whether a logo or a system, a visual identity can help an independent creative make a lasting impression. 

This selection of work is the result of a collaborative process: defining values and aspirations, establishing a meaningful direction for the project, and designing with clients’ intentions in mind.

Small Magic Ceramics by Zipporah Camille Thompson

A facet of artist Zipporah Camille Thompson’s practice, Small Magic is handmade ceramics that revolve around themes of ritual, the cosmos, and the wild.

The wordmark is fully custom lettering. From the start, Zipporah was interested in letterforms made from simple, geometric shapes, to play off of the organic qualities of her work. The final lettering balances elementary forms with interconnection.

For the icon, I put together a broad study of celestial and earthly symbols for Zipporah to review. Zipporah was drawn to luna moths, stars, and vessels. I composed these elements into an icon that feels animate and cosmic. The colorway consist of a selection of Zipporah’s most frequently used colors.

A supporting visual element, the moth, is a versatile graphic derived from the logo and Zipporah’s influences. She can adapt it for any use.

Lizzie Pereira, wellness expert

Lizzie Pereira is a plant-based chef, elemental yoga teacher, and lifestyle coach. Elemental Nourishment is her holistic approach to helping her clients discover and meet their most essential needs.

Lizzie wanted to refresh her brand with a new identity system and website redesign. Her focus on harmonizing body and planet informed the logo and colorway, while the richness of her cuisine inspired the typography.

In the logo, the elements of nature flow down to a pear, standing for sustenance (and alluding to Lizzie’s last name). The colorway is a versatile set of landscape hues in varied tones. For type, Ambroise Std is a playful, lush take on a classic style. Its height and thin strokes are perfectly complemented by Karmina Sans.

Lizzie’s website was complex and outdated. I streamlined the architecture, and we worked together on unified copy and photo content. With the site on Squarespace, I presented a selection of customized templates for Lizzie to choose from. I implemented the new branding in build-out and tested the site to ensure a smooth relaunch.

Kristin Rocha, hair stylist

Kristin Rocha is a freelance stylist in Chicago. She had been building her brand and was ready for a logo. In our conversations, Kristin playfully described her work as midcentury modern and boho chic. She pursues precision and clean lines, as well as texture and a human touch. With her brand, most of all Kristin wanted to evoke a sense of consistency and trust—not just in her work, but in her relationships with her clients.  

Typographic exploration included modern sans-serifs and offbeat serifs, echoing Kristin’s aesthetics. After talking it over, we set the final mark in Kiona. Kiona’s geometry and even lines make it friendly and “midcentury,” while its emphasis on dramatic angles gives it a distinctive edge.

For the icon, I exaggerated Kiona’s incisive details, layered the letters, and extended their strokes to evoke fine, decisive movement—all qualities that Kristin brings to her styling.

Photos of hair styling by Kristin Rocha. Photos of Kristin Rocha by Danielle Simone.

Ariana Anderson, elegant stylist

Ariana Anderson is a style advisor, wedding stylist, and menswear consultant. She brings experience and care to the details of every garment and event.

Ariana sought a flexible identity that could grow with her. Her reassuring charm, deft touch, and blend of classic and chic romanticism inspired a sophisticated, personable logo and colorway.

The logo and headlines are set in Hypatia Sans Pro, a typeface that is simultaneously contemporary and inspired by the 1920s. It has a stately yet humanist look—well-suited to Ariana’s style and personality.

Ariana’s colorway is inviting and earthy. The primary color is a warm terracotta, evoking confidence and modernity. The muted purples, pale pinks, and light gold are a softer take on the perennial black and white scheme.

I applied the branding to business cards and postcards, social media cards, and a Squarespace website that Ariana had built herself.